ENV2 -Blog Beast was released (unleashed) on Friday, October 18, 2013.

Thousands and thousands were waiting to be a part of this

day in history.  As soon as the platform was released, we

were getting around 250 new customers an hour, who

 made a decision to buy right now.


With the release of ENV2, not only have all the technical challenges been

removed, but not it’s even easier than ever to communicate on a mass scale,

virally and with complete automation.


To sum it all up….


“Grandma Proof”


In 2 clicks you can have your content online and viewable to the world,

Coded to your affiliate links, which enables you to earn 100% commissions

That Empower Network is recognized for.


  • Upload audio, video, or anything that you desire to get you message across on a mass scale.
  • Completely control you web sites from your mobile phone, iPad or mobile device.
  • Map numerous domains to numerous niche blogs
  • Let ENV2 help track your state and progress with it new Sales Conversion.  Env2 tracks everything and converts your leads into sales while you focus on having a life.


The Empower Network Version 2 Launch Process.


How many times have you heard (or even thought to yourself)  “I wish I got in at the beginning”.


Whenever an incredibly valuable new product is released to the market place,

there is a TON of hype and BUZZ.


You see it happen everytime when the new iPhone comes out, when a blockbuster

movie is released, or when Apple launches a new product like the iPad Mini.


The same thing happened when Empower Network launched in the beginning…

Some waited on the side to see how everything turned out even though they

Saw the value in it from the beginning.


After all was said and done…

---Over $70 million dollars in commissions have been paid to EN’s affiliates

---Over 160,000 people have joined


---Numerous…..missed the boat. 


Empower Network is JUST NOW hitting momentum…


ENV2 has taken everything up a notch…total Game Changer.


The last time this happened it resulted in over 60 million dollars in commissions

paid out to affiliates just like you and me.


The only question is…


Will you decide to ride this one out and take advantage of the massive buzz?


Or will you call me a year from now and tell me…


“I wish I got in at the beginning”?


With the release of ENV2 combined with all of the personal training you will receive,

showing you EXACTLY what to do to start becoming a 5-6 figure monthly income

earner just like thousands on our team, there’s literally nothing more you could ask for.


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Sherry Starnes

P.S.  If you missed any of the 4 part series of the Blog Beast
Videos you still have the opportunity to watch them now.