Everyday I am becoming more and more aware of the useful social medial tools for your marketing that are available to help increase your exposure and track your results on social media.


Some of these tools you may be familiar with and some you may not. I’m going to share with you 10 useful social medial tools for your marketing that you can start implementing immediately.



Oktopost is a social media management tool.  There are some great features as part of the tool and one of them is integration with Google analytics.  It adds tracking codes automatically onto links shared so that you can automatically track within Google analytics or Oktopost to find out where you are generating traffic from links shared.


SqueezeCMM is a tool purpose built to track links and is currently in beta.  When you want to track a link across social media you specify your web address to be squeezed and the channels you want to use and then custom web addresses are created for each channel.


Bit.ly. If you shorten your web addresses using tools such as Bit.ly they have some tracking available that you can check out.


BufferApp – It’s a great app for sharing great content. Automatically buffering content for sharing out at later dates/times hat are pre-configured is a great time saver. You find content, click on a button and it’s automatically scheduled.  


ManageFlitter is great to tidy up your Twitter followers. This is a really helpful tool for removing fake followers, inactive followers or people not following back. There’s also a great search facility on it.


SocialBro is used to figure out the best time to send your tweets. The timing of your tweets is really important. You can send during a quiet period when not many followers are online hoping the few that are will see your tweets. Or you can send during the busy times when most of your followers are online. SocialBro will help you figure out the best time.   


 Commun.it  With this tool, you’re able to manage and build relationships with ease.This tool helps you to build relationship with your followers by categorizing your followers into groups such as, influencers, supporters and engaged members.The grouping helps you to find out who are your influential users so that you can continue to build relationships with them.


LikeAlyzer is a very simple (and free) tool that assesses your Facebook page and provides suggestion to improve it. The analytics for your Facebook page provided by Facebook can be very useful but can also be very confusing. LikeAlyzer is not complicated to use and provides some simple but valuable insights


Agorapulse is a platform to manage and grow your Facebook presence. It has a broad range of functionality that can be used to help grow your presence on Facebook.  It allows you to manage your Facebook page, applications analytics, and builds up a profile of your fans based on interactions on your Facebook page and participation through the applications.


 Triberr is a platform where bloggers come together as part of a group. In that group, members help each other by sharing each others’ post on social networking channels. This helps everyone increase exposure on their blog which indirectly helps increases followers, email subscribers, blog readers, traffic, etc. A win-win for everyone.


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